Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas is Coming

In a blink of an eye, 2 months plus has passed. Quite a lot has changed I guess (for the better). 

1. I'm reading more 
Gotten so lazy that I think I'm reading so much lesser compared to when I was like 12. No kidding! I used to be able to finish like on sweet valley twins/high/university within a day or 2. Yea I was a nerd. Nowadays books just aren't my close friends. Maybe because at that point of time, there weren't like smart phones, internet, facebook. All we had was ICQ and when we get the 'uh-oh' after horrendous internet connection I'd get so excited.

2. I've grown a year older (a year wiser)
I turned 2-0+! Lol. I always said I stopped aging at 25. So yea I'll forever be 25. I remembered always thinking when I was younger, people who are 25 and above are like so... OLD! They most probably have their shit in place, knows what they want and working towards it or maybe already owning it. So I'm one of those people now. =.=''' I'm still figuring out myself day to day and embracing everyday (usually with a sleepy morning face) with a renewed energy. I'm learning to embrace my flaws and strengths, and use it for the better. Here's to growing wiser every year!

3. I've gotten myself a new phone 
I had to include this. Last new phone I had was like 3 1/2 years ago! Thanks my iphone 4s! I still adore you dearly. But it was time for a change. I was charging my phone like 3-4 times per day! With lousy picture quality (technology has improved immensely!). It was time for a change. I can't like take a picture of my phone but here's one from another website.

Isn't she a beauty? (oh yea I've changed from an apple user to an android user)

4. I've made a bunch of new friends
Being here in a foreign land (I left Sabah for 2 years already okay, so kira foreign also) alone can be quite daunting. And here I am still thinking of migrating. Teehee. It can get quite lonely at times. I remembered telling my friends last time 'I've got impeccable taste for friends, but when it comes to relationship, that's a whole different story!'. Which has proven true. I've made a few new friends who are like my long lost friends. It gives you a feeling like why were we not friends from the beginning of time. =.=''' And also reconciled with a few older ones. So life's good. I'm filling my time with a lot of activities. That's why 2 months just passed away quite the quick also la. 

5. I've done my first locum ever! 
No more a locum virgin! I remember being horrified doing locums. I've always had excuses. 'I don't think I can handle the clinic alone'; 'Time is not suitable.'; 'I'm just too tired (lazy more like it la)'; 'I'm too busy packing/moving/training.' You get the idea. So finally took a leap of faith and done. It's quite different from your everyday clinic. Patient can come in complaining of back acne. Patient coming in asking for MC straight or worst yet back dated mc.

So I've gotta go now. Gotta head home soon. No la back to KK home. Till the next post. Take a leap of faith... 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Finding Thyself

So I've officially moved into my new apartment now. Woohoo~ Cleaned up (twice) my whole apartment, put up everything that I need, even washed my clothes and ironed them. (Yes I'm proud of myself too). I've spent quite a bit on my bedsheet and comforter (in light blue color minus all the crazy patterns) and it's so soft and fluffy! Comfort at its best! Yea I kind of planned not leaving home and just staying in and relax. *shakes head* If only I could change the mattress too.. Hmmm..

So anyways a few things that I've gotten to like and dislike about the place I'm currently living in:
1. Freedom! Yea can even run around the house naked. Who cares! (just have to make sure the curtains are drawn, if not free show!)
2. The design of the house is quite modern and nice. However there's no balcony. Hmmm. Just the right size for one I would say.
3. Even so I still question the developer cos I think they used the thinnest materials they could find as the family upstairs I think I can trail their footsteps. It's as if they are stomping all the time! Can hear water flowing, flushing etc. Kinda annoying me now, but keep calm.
4. Furniture and all are quite well equipped. But I still need to get more hangers, shoe rack, an induction cooker, an oven toaster. I've already put up my clothes rack. Money money money! So said independence is not expensive?
5. It gets a tad lonely living alone. But there's always the lovely pc and phone accompanying. Technology at its best!
6. Speaking of which I need to find myself a good internet plan that covers my area.
7. Nearer to work! I can wake up later now for work. Delighted! Which also means less fuel consumption!

I think that's all I can think as of now. I've also recently put up my fan, however it's not really functioning as well as I hope. Hopefully I get to change into a better one.

As of now, I work 8am-5pm. Even when I get home I still have a lot of time to exercise and relax. I'm actually taking this time now to really consider my path in 5 years time. Overseas? (Maybe I'm too much of a crybaby so they technically put me 'overseas' now). Married? Job prospects? Financially? So much to ponder upon! So I guess time to buck up Karleen! You're not growing any younger. People always say there's New Year's Resolution. Now I shall start my 'November Resolution'! In line with me turning *gulp* 27. On the path to finding thyself. It won't be a breeze, but lets just enjoy the journey for now, and hopefully I'll get to my destination (or at least inch closer).

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 2

So week 2 of working in Sabah now. (Week 3 since I came here) Time sure flies. Like really slowly... I think the term used by Cathy is quite appropriate in this context. The days are passing by really slowly yet the months are passing by in a blink of an eye. Does that even make sense?

I wouldn't say that I have not learnt in Klinik Kesihatan. Cos most of the time we would think that doctors rot in Klinik Kesihatan as we're not exposed to like life threatening events and just deal with common coughs and colds. But it is here where we actually detect those conditions before it escalades. It's preventive, and curative at the same time. I'm learning more and more on how to treat hypertension and diabetes as time goes on. I'm learning every single day and hopefully not miss anything too big as I go on. If I'm at a doubt I ask.

You know like how patient come to you with one high reading of BP. I mean not sky high like 200/110. More like 150/90. Patient did not take anti hypertensive this morning. So how? Would you increase the dosage with just one reading? So it's a different kind of challenge. Say if you have a patient with isolated proteinuria of 4+ (like the patient I had this morning and it has been there for past 3 years now), what do you do? It's this kind of things that makes it a little more tricky to treat.

All in all, I guess there's no regrets coming here. I've got a lot more time in hand to do some thinking. And also with me taking 3 meals a day, that's when gastritis hits me. *sweat* When I was in emergency department I was surviving on 1 meal a day and no problem at all. Now here I am taking in ranitidine, syrup MMT to cure my gastritis/dyspepsia. Slept the whole day yesterday and now on the road to recovery. Hopefully I'll be alright soon. Feeling a tad weak but that's fine. 

Otherwise, I'm shifting into my new place by this week! *shrieks in delight* yes my very own place for the first time ever. Excited of course! It's a studio apartment, partially furnished just minus a few kitchen items and all. Below are a few photographs of my new place!

The living room

Kitchen + laundry (note no gas stove)

The dry kitchen + dining area

Bathroom (hot shower!)

Bed room (didn't take pic of the cupboard though)

Doesn't look too bad no? Excited to buy things and fill it in. I've spent so much money since shifting here it's not even funny. But oh well, hopefully later after I settle down it'll get better. So that's all from me now. Will update again soon

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Missing Home

So week 1 in Sabah. I'm blogging more often now neh? It's just due to my lack of companionship here. *cries* #theuglytruth

I really shouldn't compare and shouldn't complain. At times I just can't help it and just want to vent it out. See back home, I know that family is just a half hour's drive away. There I'd be greeted with warm hugs, love and just pure comfort. It just nice to know that somewhere you're so familiar with is just so close and easily accessible. Omg I can't believe I'm tearing writing this. Such a baby I know. I mean everyone will go through it eventually. But just lemme be a baby just for a tad while.

To be continued.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Embracing Changes

I think reality is starting to hit upon me as the day I'm about to leave inch closer and closer. I've always found comfort in writing on my blog whenever I hit a really tough road block. That's why I think I'm writing again. 

To those closer to me would know that I'd be leaving this Sunday to serve the state that I have grown very fond of. Yes that's Sabah. I'm heading back there again after putting a useless 'fight' against my superior to stay over here in Peninsular Malaysia. Don't take it the wrong way, I don't particularly hate Sabah, but it's just home here. It's overseas there! (yes I tend to be a tad dramatic whenever such situation pops up) I've enjoyed Sabah during my 5 years of studying over there. Made lots of awesome friends along the way, friendship that would last a lifetime. Some of them are still there awaiting for me to arrive. But I'm still having this heavy heart.

The only thing holding me back from going back there I guess is family for now. I don't have any particular 'boyfriend' in whom I can't let go and must stay here. Its just my irreplaceable family. Gone will be the times when I can just drive 1/2 an hour back home (and at times complain why la so far!). Gone will be the times I make surprise visits back to just see my grandma and grandaunt. Gone will be the time I get to attend family gatherings during the weekend without the extra hassle. I'm just looking at things so negatively now.

I'm also actually worried about the unknowing condition that awaits me in Sabah. Yes they have replied my email stating I'd be posted in Kawasan Tuaran. But there's the extra quote there saying they have the power to overwrite that decision according to the needs of the state. So you want to put me in Pensiangan? Kinabatangan? Semporna? AAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Yes I'm scared. I've never been one to be comfortable with changes and now you leave me hanging till 12th of October? Kill me now! Kill me!!!

Okay chillax. I think I'll be hyperventilating if I continue to think like that. So breathe in, breathe out. It'll all get better. So now I think I'll sit back, chillax and think of my next strategy to relax. Till then!